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09-09-08, 23:40
The name is as the thread implies. The under the surface 1 video and cgi trailers work on my psp, but everything else, including the vignettes dont. Please help :S

10-09-08, 05:22
Check the file compression format and encoding settings for those videos that work and recode non working ones with those settings :)

10-09-08, 07:06
AviDemux has auto PSP encode utility. (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/)

Open your source in AviDemux
Go to Auto Menu
choose PSP or PSP (H.264)
Go to file menu
Save -> Video

Name the file and add the proper extension for the container format. The container format as well as audio and video codecs will be automatically selected by AviDemux when you choose the format you want from the Auto Menu.

Takes the guess work out of things. :D

10-09-08, 16:53
i tried using the program above, but i dont really get what its for. Anyways on the psp, where it said video codec: mepeg-4 or whatever on other videos, on the ones that dont work, it has dashes instead. I dont know whether this is a problem with the website or my psp.... im so confused :S

10-09-08, 19:34
the program i mentioned is a small scale but useful video editor designed to Edit videos and re-encode them into different formats. The process of going from one format to PSP ready format is just as simple as the steps that I stated. there is nothing else that you need to do besides what i stated.

but, to be sure that it will encode properly, you should at least hit the play button to see if it will play. most of the time it will play if it is a widely used format. if it plays, it will encode. simple as that.

to check full specs on your videos with that application:
1. open it
2. go to file menu
3. go to properties

a window will appear and show you (among other things) the video codec used as well as audio codec.

video walkthrough:
http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo279/stryderjones/goofing%20around/th_2008-09-1015-20-27750.jpg (http://s383.photobucket.com/albums/oo279/stryderjones/goofing%20around/?action=view&current=2008-09-1015-20-27750.flv)

crappy comp is slow and the cam didn't capture the audio of the video i was working with, but it serves the purpose of showing you where to go to do what.

edit... photobuckets seems to have thrown the audio out of alignment. worked fine on my comp before i uploaded it. it seems to have automatically adjusted the audio to put it all together where there was silence. retards.

26-09-08, 23:28
Hey, thanks for all your help. I've been trying to do this for the last few days again, but even when i follow the exact steps the video doesnt work on my psp. anyways i think it may be because of the original file type but im sure i'll sort something out :S anyways i thought justin mustve tested the available files before posting them, but i guess not :S cheers though!!

27-09-08, 00:48
you can try also using DVD VideoSoft Free studio 4.1 (which works for just about all file formats.)

Download from this site here:
(link on that page that says
"Download Free Studio entirely
One installation for all programs")

use option number 14 for a file you already have downloaded... select the file you want to convert... choose the Sony PSP format in the drop down box at the bottom. Select an output location. Click the convert button. Thats all there is to it.

27-09-08, 14:36
Yes!!! It worked!! Thank you so much!!

27-09-08, 18:04
cool beans ... i woulda mentioned it earlier if i had realized that app could do that.