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10-09-08, 09:51
The title says most of it so what games do you like to play in each season of the year? I think playing certain games at a certain season seems to make it that much more interesting and fun! :D

So, my autumn game(s) I like to play are:

PS1 & PS2 Final Fantasy Series:


I am already playing VI and it is great!

Whats yours guys? DISCUSS! :D

10-09-08, 09:59
I used to play the first Tibet level in TR2 every Christmas. :D Now, I get in at least one playthrough of the entire series every year.

And shouldn't this be in the Videogames section? :wve:

10-09-08, 10:01
tis general chatting my friend.

10-09-08, 10:18
in winter-Runaway:the dream of the turtle.my absolute favourite game.it changed my view on video games for ever.and since i adore it so much it gives me extra boost during the school year.

10-09-08, 10:22
I play games randomly :wve:

10-09-08, 10:41
I play games randomly :wve:

Yup, me too. Can't say that I've ever associated a video game to a specific season of the year, but to each their own. :)

10-09-08, 14:20
these are mine as followed:

Tomb Raider: All year round
Final Fantasy: Autumn
Resident Evil: Spring/Summer
Tomb Raider christmas levels: Winter

10-09-08, 14:37
Normally football around winter when it's getting into the season and each win becomes more important. Go Gunners!!!! But yeah, football for the middles part of winter through to the end (what some call spring) and final fantasy/ tomb raider/ star wars...whatever I'm into is what I'll play the rest of the year.

10-09-08, 14:58
I like to play Tetris in the spring.


10-09-08, 15:22
scary stuff around Halloween, but other than that, i play whatever, whenever.

Yuna´s Wish
11-09-08, 01:47
scary stuff around Halloween, but other than that, i play whatever, whenever.

Same here :) That particular date deserves some nasty games.

I can´t say I play a specific game in an specific season though.

Legend of Lara
11-09-08, 13:28
let's pretend I never posted anything in 2008

11-09-08, 13:40
Depends, but I will almost always pick sonic and tomb raider.

11-09-08, 14:07
Scary games during October other than that I just play randomly.

sonia voldemort
11-09-08, 15:25
The only games I play are Tomb Raider games, so I play TR all year. but I usually pic up the summer hollydays to play TR3 or TR4!!! :D

11-09-08, 15:38
^You've got good taste I see. :p

04-06-15, 22:26

I always crave a good RPG for the summertime. Nothing like a bright, sunny day to make you want to stay inside and experience a virtual, bright, sunny day. Witcher 3 and ESO this year.

Legend of Lara
04-06-15, 22:40
It's okay to bump sorta old threads but when they're seven years old and only two pages long I think you might as well just make a new one.

04-06-15, 22:44
^recycling helps protect the environment. Constant creation of new threads kills the rain forest. :ohn:

I play certain sections of TR3 each Christmas (London and South P). In general I often play the first three TR games around Christmas, but it's not a rule.
I've also been playing Skyrim each Christmas since its release. :)

04-06-15, 22:45
let's pretend I never posted anything in 2008

I ****ing want to know now!! :vlol:

04-06-15, 22:54
^The post below his is a reaction to that post. ;)

TRLE-levels, all around the year.
But with me liking to play them in a dimly-lit room, with the screen at its lowest brightness and gamma setting, this is getting difficult from now on until ~September - with it being dark only from 10:15pm until 4:15am right now.

05-06-15, 00:27
Winter is the Mass Effect trilogy.

I usually wait until it is actively snowing outside my window to play Noveria, and preferably, snowing at night.

05-06-15, 00:57
I edited my post as well. :p So naive, what was I thinking?