View Full Version : Would an American version of lost artefact work on my pc?

10-09-08, 17:17
simple question. I havent had a copy for years now, and cant find any english versions on ebay, so will an american version work on my british pc?:D

EDIT: should've posted this in the lost artefact section... sorry :S

10-09-08, 22:37
PC's work the same no matter where they are, the only regional difference is language, yes an Americam version would work exactly the same as a UK version, only difference could be the packaging.

10-09-08, 23:43
Even the packaging might be the same, to a certain extent. My version had both "artefact" and "artifact" on it. :p

10-09-08, 23:46
theres also some multi lingual versions of lots of games (ie. European Version of TR:L is multilingual including English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian etc.) So yeah, the only major difference is the languages used in the game (and on the packaging).

11-09-08, 06:11
Yes it will :)

12-09-08, 18:12
Cool thanks guys!!! There are loads of American versions saying "artifact" :P so i will be getting one on pay day :D

13-09-08, 01:40
I live in aus and purchased american versions from Selectsoft, i purchased all of them exept i coudnt find chronicles?

anyway, they all work the same exept i found that the title screen had changed from




thats about all, hope that helps:)