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12-09-08, 12:07
hi there, this may seem like a dumb question but, does anybody know how to change the system clock to 12 hour instead of 24 hour? thanks :)

12-09-08, 12:13
Go to Start > Run, type in "cmd" without quotes, press Enter. In Command window type "time hh.mmA" or "time hh.mmP" without quotes, depoending on your time (AM or PM), and press Enter.
Mind that: hh in 0 to 12 , mm in 0 to 59.

If you need to change general standards, go to Control panel > Language and regional standards and set your native standard.

12-09-08, 12:31
it didn't work :( it said:

"The system cannot accept the time entered.
Enter the new time:"

*Edit* no need to worry, i figured out a way :D thanks for the help though :)