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14-09-08, 00:04
I always change motherboards all the time and it seems that the intel chipsets have no hibernation feature, anyway to get it back?

14-09-08, 02:47
i thought that had more to do with your video card drivers and power options. i dont use it myself, but I know that when i hit the turn off button there is the option to "turn off, restart, or stand-by"

to enable hibernation...
right click desktop.. go to screen saver tab.. go to power button... go to Hibernate tab... click the "enable hibernation" button.

and yeah... im on an intel chipset.

14-09-08, 03:45
What is hibernation? :confused:

14-09-08, 05:10
What is hibernation? :confused:


20-09-08, 09:27
Im on vista:) not xp. maybe P31,P35 chipsets just dont support hibernation.

20-09-08, 12:42
not on vista myself, but i do know that on XP, when you follow the steps mentioned above (which will be slightly different on Vista) you have to press the Shift button after pressing the "turn off computer" option (on start menu) in order to get the "hibernate" button.

check also in power options for behavior properties of power button (on case) to see if hibernation can be set that way.

20-09-08, 13:31
I have a motherboard in one of my older builds that does not have a hibernation feature available. But it was an AMD board, so I can't be sure what the reason is.

20-09-08, 14:33
How many GBs of RAM do you have?

Microsoft does not support hibernation for systems with more than 4 GB, which should be all 64-bit.

20-09-08, 14:34
where is the difference between hibernation and stand-by :confused:

20-09-08, 14:42
where is the difference between hibernation and stand-by :confused:

hibernation: power's off
stand-by: power's still on

I think EscondeR can create a new wiki for this hibernation 'thing' (using command-line):

To configure hibernation: POWERCFG /HIBERNATE [on | off]
To hibernate the system: SHUTDOWN /h

22-09-08, 06:23
im on 4gb but hibernation does work on Nvidia chipsets.

Ok Hibernation works using command prompt

22-09-08, 15:56
^ You can create a desktop shortcut with that command, to hibernate with one click away :)