View Full Version : Im a bit freaked out....

14-09-08, 14:31
Now, my interweb connection hasnt been workin well lately, and it slows down my 360. But just there now, i went to go on it. Then it started bleeping, and froze on the title screen. No rrod, however.... (yes, i managed to get my game out, and i have my warranty) By title screen i mean when it says "XBOX 360" and does the spinny thingy. Any Insight?

14-09-08, 16:38
Not insight as such, but i had exactly the same problem. I tried to turn it off and on a few times over the following days, but then the whole thing packed up completely and got the RROD.
:o I'm buying the elite on Saturday though :D

I would think about gathering up your stuff to maybe ship it off for when/if the RROD turns up
Or maybe give it a good blow into the disc tray. Maybe its dust?

15-09-08, 15:17
My Bf had that problem a couple of months ago with his 360.

We blew it out to see if it was dust but it didnt make a huge difference. He was going to ship it off but in true Aussie man style got lazy and just didnt touch it for about a week and apparently now its fine :confused:

Although it does freeze on a weekly basis now but he just turns it on and off until it works (which sometimes takes a very long time)

My advice if you still have the warranty it might be worth getting it checked out if the dust theory doesnt work, even if it does start working again, because a) you dont want any accidents happening if theres a fault in it somewhere, and b) you dont want it to damage your games.


23-09-08, 16:02
thanks, ill try both the ideas. and my xbox already did damage a game a while back.forza 2, my favourite 360 game!!!!