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14-09-08, 17:04

I just started playing "Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas" again because it's a lot of fun, but somehow I seem to have problems with shooting. My question is simple:

What are the different options for shooting, please? I know that there is a button which I press for manual aiming (followed by the actual shooting of course) but is there also a way for automatic aiming?

I'm asking this question because at the beginning you get a lot of bars on your screen holding a lot of useful information and one of those bars stated that I could switch from one target to the next but I don't see how I can do this. :(

So far - I have only been able to do the manual aiming and switching from one target to another is of course futile when you're doing everything yourself. So there has to be some kind of automatic aiming (like the first game of Tomb Raider, you know?)

Please help me - thanks! :)

Bye for now

Not As We
14-09-08, 17:05
This should have been in the gaming section,

I'm sure a mod will kindly move it for you


Mad Tony
14-09-08, 17:08
Have you tried looking on GTA San Andreas FAQs?

14-09-08, 17:14
As far I remember, I don't think there are any other options of aiming.