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15-09-08, 05:58
Dear fans of Tomb Raider,

I have bought a new display card Geforce 9600 GT for playing the Tomb

Raider series, starting the 1st to Anniversary(& awaiting the release of

Underworld). But somehow when I launch the game, the sky appears like the

attached pic. shown.:hea:


Has anyone encountered this problem b4?I hope someone can help me to

solve this problem. Many thanks.:hug:

15-09-08, 06:05
There are 3 ways to resolve this problem:

A: To upgrade to Vista (& DirectX 10 obviously).

B: To downgrade your video drivers to version 84.21

C: To run TR2 in Software Rendering mode.

I recommend - C as:

Vista is not a good alternative (unless it's not Ultimate x64 SP1) - slow, clumsy, resource demanding, etc.
Your video board doesn't support downgrading video drivers to version 84.21.

15-09-08, 06:18
How about buying an old display card for playing Tomb raider 2 & 3. Since I

have tried withTomb Raider the Last Relevation, Chronicles, AOD, Legend and

Anniversary didn't have such problems?

15-09-08, 06:24
Replacing video boards is "no go", as even if you're able to put both into MoBo slots, you can't choose one for output from OS or game. Besides it'll bring many glitches with it. If you try to replace the boards physically and do it often, you'll kill your PC soon only!

Stick to solution C therefore.