View Full Version : Tomb Raider 2 level transition error

15-09-08, 16:54
I just got the collection for the pc (finally) and was looking forward to playing tr 2. unfortunately, whenever i finish the first level, it exits the game and i get the message:
FATAL: Level 2 (D:\data|boat.TR2) requires a new TOMB2.EXE(version 1632743) to run

any help??? I've downloaded most of the patches but it doesnt make a difference!

15-09-08, 17:23
Right click on TR2 shortcut, choose Properties, go to Compatibility tab, enable Compatibility mode and choose Windows 98 from the list.

Start the game using TR2 shortcut, not via autorun

15-09-08, 18:34
Hey it works now!! Thanks!!