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15-09-08, 21:05
It's just me or have someone here who love this game :confused:

I've heard a long time ago about this game, cuz Lil'kim and some other famous are in this game, I saw a SS and I was thinking the game was going to be bad, so just few months ago a friend show me that game.

I just love it!

Have a nice story and a nice gameplay!
Lot of characters, and you can also creat one.
I read some reviews and all was negative @ this game.

Where are the Def Jam Fight For New York fans?

I'm trying to find the Vendeta (Def Jam 2)

Is IMO one of the best figth game, lot of style, you can also interact with the scenario, is so amazing!

You played it? You like it or hate it?
Share with us!

Carmen Electra
In game figth
Shaniqua, she is kinda a Milenna Oo

16-09-08, 07:22
Is it in PS2? I think I have one. I forgot the whole thing anyway. :D

22-09-08, 21:35
Ps2 , yes
I don't know if have for other
the third have for x-box 360

22-09-08, 21:40
I read some reviews and all was negative @ this game.

Really? I've only seen positive reviews for this game, though I think that the sequel (Def Jam: Icon) wasn't received as well.

Anyway, I have this game, and I was playing it last week actually. :D I play it less nowadays, but it's still really fun when I get into it. :)