View Full Version : TRLE Manager files missing?

15-09-08, 21:35
Ok, so I have recently downloaded the TRLE and the TR Level Manager (because I am awful at loading up custom levels without it) and I can download levels and play them fine but once I quit the manager and try to open it again it says that the TRLE folder is incorrect and that there are 3 .wav audio files missing but I just downloaded it and I haven't changed anything in the folder so why would it be missing? Any help would be appreciated cause I am tired of downloading it over and over again to use it.


16-09-08, 04:43
1. First rule is to backup the initial (after install) TRLE folder before installing/running any custom levels, thus you can restore TRLE initial state fast and safe :)

2. Show us your TRLM settings (screenshot will fit).

16-09-08, 14:18
Here are my TRLM settings:


17-09-08, 05:08
1. Reinstall TRLE from scratch. Make a manual complete backup of TRLE folder.
2. Enable Full Backup and disable "Auto Save" in TRLM.

17-09-08, 11:14
Thanks everything seems to be working great now :hug: