View Full Version : Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

16-09-08, 00:36
Have any of you played the demo yet (exclusive to Qore subscribers in the US of A and an exclusive code sent by email to select SCEE owners)?

The game is just beautiful to look at! The demo is an old build but it is seriously gorgeous. The game looked real at certain points. The gameplay is the same as the original, which is no bad thing. Shame the demo only has two tracks - one for single player and one for split screen (yay, split screen!). But I really enjoyed it :).

ben croft
16-09-08, 00:48
Nope. I'm not a subscriber nor got the e-mail. *cries*


Camera Obscura
16-09-08, 01:00
I demand you provide us with footage. :pi:

ben croft
16-09-08, 01:16
I demand you provide us with footage. :pi:

Yeah, agreed. :tmb: :D

16-09-08, 04:56
I couldn't really get the qore episode for this (since you can just watch it online). Just couldn't pay for the demo. I want the game though. It looks fun and I liked the first though it was a bit shallow content-wise. I'm most excited for the splitscreen. If me and my friends can get together at my house and have fun with it, then it will be worth getting. Probably get it it down the line sometime.

18-09-08, 22:07

Thar you go :D.

Ignore the tip of a room and the fact that one of the Lara figurines has no head :vlol:. And ignore the crappiness of me playing, it was my first time using the Monster Truck :/.

Camera Obscura
18-09-08, 22:19
Thanks for the video! I like that the vehicles seem faster in this game. And hopefully there will be more of a variety in tracks this time around. In the previous game, it got really boring driving on a desert, cliff, desert, cliff, desert, cliff, and desert track. ;)