View Full Version : Dead Rising VS TRA?

16-09-08, 03:15
For 360. Which one?

16-09-08, 03:20
sorry, Lara, but TRA just can't beat the zombie-smashing goodness of DR!:jmp:

16-09-08, 03:28
TRA of course. Zombies are lame. ;)

16-09-08, 05:01
I guess I'd say TRA (though I played the PS2 version). Dead Rising is fun, but saving is kind of meh or at least it's annoying to me. I just spent more time with TRA. But DR is kind of fun for just messing around with.

16-09-08, 14:57
Tomb Raider comes first :wve:

16-09-08, 15:16
I would recommend Tomb Raider Anniversary, but it is really up to you. :wve:

16-09-08, 15:54
the games couldn't be more different! Both are great but in the end it comes down to whether you want to play a fun zombie chopping game or do you want to play a 3D puzzle, platform game.

Lara's home
16-09-08, 16:10
I haven't completed dead rising yet. I got bored with it, only 1hour after I bought it, so if you haven't tried TR:A yet, I recommend TR:A.

larson n natla
16-09-08, 17:51
Dead rising definatly the save system sucks but smashing a zombies head into its shoulders with a bowling ball cant be anythink but plain old fun

16-09-08, 17:59

Alex Fly
16-09-08, 18:01
TRA. Dead Rising is not a game of my tastes. :wve:

Camera Obscura
16-09-08, 19:22
For 360. Which one?

Considering you're on a TOMB RAIDER forum, most people will likely tell you to go with Anniversary. Can't you play the Dead Rising demo though? And then make your judgment based on that?

EDIT: Personally, I would have gone with Dead Rising.

16-09-08, 21:30
Why would you compare two exactly DIFFERENT games? TRA all the way though.

16-09-08, 22:31
TRA of course. Zombies are lame. ;)
until they're chewing on your entrails like licorice, that is.

18-09-08, 01:23
Is Dead Rising scary, hard, or frustrating? I already know the whole story.. Why? I convinced myself that I wouldn't get this game and I wanted to learn the whole plot line. :o