View Full Version : Having Problems with the Forum

16-09-08, 06:22
I seem to be having problems with the forum. I can't find new threads, and when I read threads, posts are in the wrong order (newest posts first.) I've fiddled with the settings in my options, but it doesn't make a difference and switches back to "Oldest First."


EDIT: Oddly enough, the Video Games section works fine.

16-09-08, 06:52
check that you are not blocking cookies from Tomb Raider Forums. or rather set your options to ALLOW cookies from this site. all that stuff you mention has to do with your session cookies.;)

16-09-08, 18:29
Cleared all cookies, but the forum's still messed up.

16-09-08, 20:48
no... not clear cookies... ENABLE them.

what browser are you using?

17-09-08, 15:47
Internet Explorer 7

EDIT: Fiddled with my internet settings and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the help

17-09-08, 17:19
glad you got it sorted:tmb: