View Full Version : Age Of Conan Expansion Pack conceptual artwork and screenshots

tlr online
17-09-08, 18:17
Announced on Monday, here are the first screenshots (http://www.uiqo.com/?p=927) and conceptual artworks (http://www.uiqo.com/?p=925) from the Age of Conan expansion pack, due out next year.

17-09-08, 18:18
Cool, thanks for the heads up Justin. :tmb:

Lara's home
17-09-08, 19:18
Expansion pack already? :/

Big Lara Fan
18-09-08, 00:31
Expansion pack already? :/

Yep. The title is Age of Conan: What We Forgot to Include in the Original Game.

AoC is pretty much almost dead, so hopefully this will save it next year :p