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tlr online
18-09-08, 12:01
Eidos Interactive, creator of some of the world’s leading video game properties, has today announced So Blonde, an exciting new point and click adventure, will be released in the UK on 26th September 2008.

Set on a tropical island, So Blonde is the perfect adventure game for point and click adventure lovers! The star of the game is a young, pretty 17 year-old pampered American debutante who has wealthy parents and very little to worry about in her life.

While on a luxurious cruise ship with her parents on their way across the Atlantic, a giant storm suddenly materialises from out of the blue. The ship gets into trouble and consequently Sunny passes out.

Waking up on a glorious white sandy beach, Sunny finds herself alone, hair out of place and no mobile phone reception or any contact with the outside world. If that isn’t bad enough, the whole escapade has transported her back in time several centuries and Sunny now finds herself in an age of pirates and buccaneers.

Accompany Sunny on this fun-filled point and click adventure, meet wacky creatures and take on outrageous challenges. Help Sunny escape the cursed island – without getting a single hair out of place!

So Blonde will be available on PC from 26th September 2008.

So Blonde Screenshots (http://www.uiqo.com/?p=933)

So Blonde Logo (http://www.uiqo.com/?p=931)

Press release courtesy of www.uiqo.com

18-09-08, 12:04
Look's interesting thanks :tmb:

18-09-08, 12:05
I'm not going to assume this won't be a fun game to play, but it almost sounds like a joke! They're walking a fine line with this one!

Alex Fly
18-09-08, 12:08
New ? So Blonde is already out here since June. :confused:

The game got great reviews here BTW... :tmb:

18-09-08, 12:26

Legend of Lara
18-09-08, 12:57
So... Blonde...?

...um... 'kay...

da tomb raider!
18-09-08, 13:35
Sounds... great...

18-09-08, 13:45
wow looks terrible

18-09-08, 13:56
Could they even thought about getting an even more futile character there than Sunny? :p

It looks good, but truly... Who wants to play a point and click adventure with a typical american cheerleader? I surely wouldn't.

And i'm going with Endow on this one, why won't they start spending their money on serious, good game with lots of fans like LoK? *hint*

18-09-08, 14:38
So What is more like it...

Tomb Complex
18-09-08, 14:43
So is this a young Natla?

18-09-08, 15:43
Thanks for sharing Justin. :tmb:

18-09-08, 16:02
Woo, Paris Hilton the game.

18-09-08, 16:36

18-09-08, 16:45
Brings back memories of the old Monkey Island games

18-09-08, 16:53
Brings back memories of the old Monkey Island games

But waaay sillier...

18-09-08, 17:54
But waaay sillier...

Man you can not get sillier than the old Monkey Island games, which is what made them great IMO.

18-09-08, 17:57
If done right there could be a good bit of humor in this game--although probably nothing new. The image of any number of teen comedies comes to mind.

18-09-08, 17:59
It looks kinda...fun. I just like the idea of exploring woodsy villages :p

18-09-08, 20:10
I thought this was already released???