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18-09-08, 13:56
Since im getting a new graphics card anyway, i thaught i might stuff around with the one ive got, its a xfx geforce 2 mx400, 64mb of ram.

i installed the nvidia overclocking registry entry that was on the xfx disk, and went from there. I slightly turned up the frequency, and noticed a big change in quake 3, though the video seems to be running faster than the sound!

is there anyway i can overcome this? and does anybody have any tips/advice on overclocking?

PS: I have an open case with a big case fan blowing onto the graphics card, if cooling was an issue XD

18-09-08, 17:05
i think.... hardware acceleration sounds appropriate, but i think i recall that you needed to put it in software mode for it to work proper for some of your stuff.

18-09-08, 17:14
For this specific chip OC will hardly have any effect or at all (mx400 features ****y memory), still you can try using RivaTuner (http://www.guru3d.com/index.php?page=rivatuner).

18-09-08, 19:36
^ Agreed, stick to Riva Tuner - the simple and safe solution :tmb:

20-09-08, 12:20
Turned off overclocking because of Apofiss's post.
The sound has slightly improved but is still out of sync. And i think the game is overall running a bit fast. Its only on a 1.7ghz, 1024x512 etc.

could it be a software issue?:)