View Full Version : stuck on final fantasy 8

Lee croft
20-09-08, 10:42
hi people :D im stuck on the bit where you face sefiers two friends at the hotel in balamb you help would be appersiated ps sorry if you cant understand my spelling

Legend of Lara
20-09-08, 11:16
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=86691 :wve:

Lee croft
20-09-08, 11:19
thank you

20-09-08, 12:43
hi where exactly r u stuck cos thts a rather vague description is it with the boss fight or with the finding the captain if its the captain basically go to the docks and they will mention someone caught a fish and tht he went to catch it, go to zells house and smoke should be coming outta it go in an talk to his mum then go to docks and talk to the dog and chase it to find the captain

for the boss fight remember to draw the summon pandemona and take out the guy first fujin i think his name is, use mainly magic and summons and u should be fine for raijin mainly use attack and summons and have one character heal constantly if u have difficulty

Lee croft
20-09-08, 12:46
ok thanks i'll try that