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20-09-08, 15:03
Strike F1 to reboot, F2 for set up Utility
Press F5 to run on-board diagnostics.

I ran the on-board diagnostics, it failed the hard drive- DST short test
Message code - 2000-01-41
Message- No drive detected

The operating system is windows vista home basic.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400.

I swear its not worth the hassle:mad:

Any help is greatly appreciated:)

20-09-08, 19:29
what kind of drive do you have?
is the drive properly connected on IDE or SATA channel?
is the power connector properly inserted into the drive?

20-09-08, 19:33
Lararoxs, check if the HDD is properly set in BIOS (F2 to enter on boot).

is the power connector properly inserted into the drive?

May be kinda hard to tell for one not going to hijack into a laptop :)

20-09-08, 19:37
righto.... ooops:p

i guess since it is a lappy it should just be a matter of making sure that it is properly seated in place.

but do go ahead and check in the bios under IDE (or whatever drive type) settings and make sure that your hard drive is listed.

21-09-08, 09:54
Check BIOS, Reads as follows:

1.Diskette Drive
2.Internal HDD
4.CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive
5. Onboard NIC

I ran that and it came up with information about copyright to intel and something about Broadcom.

I ran it with just the Internal HDD, im guessing thats the hard drive, and got the "No Bootable Devices" error.

21-09-08, 15:50
there is other section in there besides boot order.

you need to check specifically where the actual drive arrangement resides. this list you posted is only the boot order.

should be section(s) that lists:
HDD - manufacturer/model
CD/DVD - manufacturer/model
FDD - manufacturer/model


would not hurt to find the option in bios to restore factory settings.. these should hopefully reset all things to state in which you purchased the laptop, but you still need to locate the screen which lists the information i requested above.

21-09-08, 17:07
Device info?

Got sort of Primary Hard Drive and Fixed Bay Drive ect.

Info isnt changable and I cant find any restore to factory settings atm.

24-09-08, 14:58
Sorry to bumb, but would it be worth getting a computer doctor out?

24-09-08, 16:56
if you cant find it, i cant tell you how to since all BIOS versions are different. i would suggest that you perhaps get a service to come look at it, or a friend who is really good with computers.

24-09-08, 18:58
^ Yup, there is not much can be done here "by wire" :)

28-09-08, 11:47
OK! Thanks Alex and SJ!:hug: