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20-09-08, 18:13
the other four people on board the lear jet are dead. :(

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) Hours after performing for thousands of South Carolina college students, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity DJ AM were critically injured in a fiery Learjet crash that killed four people, authorities said Saturday.

Officials said the plane carrying six people was departing shortly before midnight Friday when air traffic controllers reporting seeing sparks. The plane hurtled off the end of a runway and crashed through antennas and a fence. It came to rest on an embankment across a five-lane highway and was engulfed in flames, said Debbie Hersman, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Barker and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, were in critical condition at a burn center in Augusta, Ga., about 75 miles southwest of Columbia, hospital spokeswoman Beth Frits said.

Two other passengers Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City, Calif., and Charles Still, 25, of Los Angeles died, as did pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim Hills, Calif., and co-pilot James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad, according to the county coroner. Baker was an assistant to Barker and Still was a security guard for the musician.

The plane was headed for Van Nuys, Calif. It is owned by Global Exec Aviation, a California-based charter company, and was certified to operate last year, Hersman said. The company said it had no immediate comment.

At the crash site Saturday, the air was still heavy with the odor of jet fuel. A trail of black soot led off a runway. The nose of the aircraft was gone and the roof was missing from two-thirds of the charred plane.

"It's absolutely terrible and tragic," Columbia Mayor Bob Coble said.

Barker and Goldstein had performed together under the name TRVSDJ-AM at a free concert in Columbia on Friday night. Event sponsor T-Mobile said their hourlong set ended at about 7:15 p.m.

The show, which included performances by former Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell and singer Gavin DeGraw, drew 10,000 people into the streets of Five Points, the neighborhood near the University of South Carolina, Coble said.

Peter Kastis, Farrell's manager, said he and Farrell didn't find out about the crash until they arrived at the airport Saturday morning to find it closed.

"I just hugged them hello less than 24 hours ago. I wish I could hug them now," Kastis said.

One concertgoer said TRVSDJ-AM's performance was unique and different.

"It was literally one of the best shows I've ever seen," said Brett Flashnick, a freelance photographer who works for The Associated Press and attended the concert for a local newspaper.

Barker, 32, was one of the more colorful members of the multiplatinum-selling punk rock band Blink-182, whose biggest album was 1999's CD "Enema of the State," which sold more than five million copies in the United States alone.

After Blink-182 disbanded in 2005, Barker went on to form the rock band (+44) pronounced "plus forty-four." He also starred in the MTV reality series "Meet the Barkers" with former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, to whom he was married at the time. The show documented the former couple's lavish wedding and life. Their later split, reconciliation and subsequent break up made them tabloid favorites.

Goldstein is a popular DJ for hire who at one time was engaged to Nicole Richie.

He spun a mix of hip-hop and dance beats for the hottest nightclubs and had a string of dates set up for the next few weeks. He reached the peak of his celebrity perhaps during his highly publicized romance with Richie a few years ago.

DJ AM also dated singer/actress Mandy Moore, and while he became a gossip favorite for his romances, he drew respect from music aficionados for his DJ skills.

Barker and Goldstein performed as part of the house band at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month.

20-09-08, 18:18
That's so unfortunate & shocking :( I hope they recover soon.

RIP to the victims :(

20-09-08, 18:20

omg i hope they'll be ok!

R.I.P. for the other 4

20-09-08, 18:20
waaahhhhhttt ....

Oh man. :( I was a huge fan when I was younger... I still think he's an exceptionally talented drummer.. heck I even painted him once.

I sincerely hope everything will turn out ok with both of them. And I'm sorry about the fatal victims, RIP. :(

20-09-08, 18:24
Oh ****.

He's an amazing drummer aswell and I loved Blink-182, hope he pulls though!

20-09-08, 18:31
Oh my:(

RIP to the 4 victims killed,

Travis is a great drummer,
I am a huge fan of Blink 182,
He is amazing..
I hope he will be ok:hug:

20-09-08, 20:23
I just read this. They are in critical condition, and 4 are dead. :( this is so scary and sad. :( The plane looked like a charred ball of fire going across the runway.

20-09-08, 20:40
I hope he'll be O.K.

R.I.P. for others.

That's so sad :(.

20-09-08, 20:42
Drummers and Planes have never been a good mix, historically speaking...

On a serious note - I hope its nothing fatal.

20-09-08, 21:47
R.I.P to the ones who weren't as lucky..

20-09-08, 21:53
R.I.P to the unlucky ones:(

20-09-08, 21:59
Holy CRAP. *shocked*

I hope this gets better and not worse. DAMN.

20-09-08, 21:59
RIP to the 4. And best of luck getting better Travis Barker.

20-09-08, 22:03
RIP to the deceased :(

Wishing a speedy recovery to the injured ones too.

21-09-08, 03:16
I heard about this earlier today, but I HADN'T heard he was in a burn unit. I never listned to a Blink 182 song so I have no feeling about his music, but NO ONE should suffer from burns. It sounded pretty bad on the radio. Hope it works out for the best.

RIP to the deceased, and best wishes to all family members involved.

21-09-08, 05:31
Gosh thats shocking!! :(
RIP to the victims and a speedy recovery to Travis and DJAM

24-09-08, 02:29
Travis Barker is dead.


EDIT: please disregard.
i was misinformed.

24-09-08, 02:38
travis barker is dead.


What ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24-09-08, 02:43
hold on. it might've been a false alarm.


it said on wikipedia, but now it doesn't.

and i can't find any other sources that say so.

so now idk.

24-09-08, 02:45
hold on. it might've been a false alarm.


it said on wikipedia, but now it doesn't.

and i can't find any other sources that say so.

so now idk.

He didn't die. Him and DJ AM ran out, and even though they were partly on fire, they managed to put themselves out (of fire)...and walking after the crash.

24-09-08, 02:49
Travis Barker is dead.


O__o NO HE IS NOT! U may wanna edit ur post.