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Wana b like Lara
20-09-08, 20:31
I have Emachine5250 for 3.5 years now and it doesnt work anymore :hea:. When i switch it on i can see the 'emachine' button ligh up and i can hear the fans running. Also I can hear a beep sometimes. The monitor says 'No Signal' and then goes blank. Theres nothing before or after it. Could It Be Anything to do with the inside of it or software?:( Help would be really apreciated!:hug:
Thank you:)

20-09-08, 21:45
what kinds of beeps do you hear from the machine?

these are important to note as they contain specific information relative to troubleshooting the hardware issues.

as far as not getting any display on the monitor:

verify connections on both ends of the monitor datacable (some old cables can become messed up and only work in certain positions).

beyond that...
do you have an internal graphics chipset, or are you using an add in card? If there are two connections (both internal and add in card) try to swap connections and see if there is a difference.

Something else you can try is to get an add in card if you have a spare one that is compatible with the motherboard (PCI is best possibility) and put it into the machine, then connect the monitor cable to it.