View Full Version : TR anniversary 100% saved datas

22-09-08, 04:14
Since I had to reformat my computer a while back one of the things I lost was my 100% complete tr anniversary. So I've tried a few 100% completion saved files that I've downloaded and for some reason the last costume instead of being the bikini is natla in her "scorched form"....
why is this?
Again, I have completed the game 100% before so I know for a fact that that scorched natla is not suppose to be there, I've goten that bikini costume before so what's going on with those files? is it a joke?

22-09-08, 04:16
perhaps they had a patch you did not have, or vice versa.

22-09-08, 15:55
Or probably you have not all save data "gone" :) Check C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider Anniversary folder, or erase it completely, then run TRA, create new player profile, start the game, save the game, quit, then install 100% complete savegame. Run TRA again and try that outfit :)