View Full Version : Crysis Warhead

22-09-08, 17:00
Just finished playing the game. Graphically it is absolutely gorgeous. Game play wise it is pretty much the same as Crysis. This time you play as Psycho instead of Nomad and it is a little unclear as to how the games link, but overall it is worth the $30.

Sir Croft
22-09-08, 18:22
The game looks awesome, I'm going to buy it this week.
Did you notice any performance improvement? Crytek said they managed to improve CryEngine 2 so the game runs at a higher frame rate than Crysis.

22-09-08, 20:12
I noticed no lag in framerates but then I never really had much problem with Crysis.

22-09-08, 21:59
Samsdad could you perhaps estimate how long the campaign took you to finish?

23-09-08, 13:30
I would guess at about 8-10 hours.

23-09-08, 19:56
How does that compare to the time you spent with Crysis?

24-09-08, 13:36
I would put crysis at twice the length, but that may be because in playing warhead I was more accustomed to the system and spent less time being very cautious