View Full Version : Keyboard problem - alt & ctrl functions improperly

22-09-08, 20:42
I'm having issues with how alt and ctrl are interpreted, particularly when playing custom TRLE levels (TR4 engine). Alt is used for jump, and Ctrl is used for action, so it can be very annoying and affect gameplay. When I press Alt, it also acts as ctrl, which can cause Lara to grab or shoot, and makes jumping off poles and grabbing other ones impossible.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

22-09-08, 20:44
check to see if same behavior is noticed on other side of keyboard... if so then you may have your control setup dually mapped.

if not, then it may be an issue with the keyboard itself.

23-09-08, 21:31
Thanks for the idea, yes, the other side functions well. I use the right side for old TRs, forgot to mention that. How can I fix it?

23-09-08, 21:54
try to knock out/blow out what ever debris has collected inside your keyboard. compressed air can is recommended for this. you can purchase at your local computer or department store most likely. Places like: Walmart, Kmart, Target, Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Best Buy, etc..

if above does not correct issue, i believe the next step would be to disassemble the keyboard and physically look to see what the cause can be.