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24-09-08, 16:50
i am having the WORST time with gregs stuff
[12:40:09 PM] chris says: its horrible
[12:40:27 PM] chris says: he had bought the wrong thing first off, so we went to the store and got the right thing
[12:41:12 PM] chris says: tried following the directions (which is not necessary cause u dont need the disc at all if you know what you are doing..) the disc didnt connect to the router right so i said screw that
[12:42:17 PM] chris says: rebooted the PC... logged into the browser based configuration tool..... renamed the network and encrypted it for security,... set the internet connection appropriately for automatic addressing (this is the way Road Runner works)
[12:43:12 PM] chris says: saved everything and disconnected from the LAN connection, then went wireless... logged straight in to the router no prob.... but stupid vista wont give a ****ing internet connection. i absolutely hate it and i dont know why its ****ing up like that
[12:43:23 PM] chris says: so i fixed one problem and now i need to fix another.
[12:43:46 PM] chris says: the modem works cause i can hook it straight to the laptop and get the net and everything is all cool
[12:44:38 PM] chris says: and the router shows that it is connected to the net... but the ****ing laptop wont get the net through the router on either wired OR wireless on ANY network i try to connect to now (but it did yesterday). it is totally baffling the hell out of me.

excuse that the above is a copy of a chat log in skype.. had not the desire nor time to type it again. im at home now but i gotta find a fix for this.

Vista trouble shooting (when you click the red X between the router and the globe) says something about DNS, so I'm gonna attempt to put in a static DNS address on the router for it to forward. I checked ipconfig /all output on the wireless and everything is correct as it should be. I am completely at a loss as to why its botching up like this. XP never gave me an issue.

NOTE: had to replace the wireless router he had cause it stopped working right... went all intermittent on him. so he was logged in through the neighbors linksys router (unsecured network) and had the internet. Today though it wont act receive the net on that network OR his network. I just don't understand it. No other PC i've seen has had this kind of issue before.

24-09-08, 19:05
1. Try updating wireless NIC drivers for Vista.

2. Check Sharing and Access status in Windows Networking Ceneter (or how it is called in Crapsta) :D

24-09-08, 19:12
otay... will check on drivers then first.

network is set as PRIVATE with device discovery ON.
DNS service is running as is DHCP.

running ipconfig /all reports that DNS server address is the same as the gateway... as it should be. however it appears that its just not getting a net connection from router to modem (although the internet light blinks on the router).

is there a place in the router configuration (linksys) where I can test internet connection? I know on Cisco IOS (real router OS) I can run pings and what not to test connectivity. I've not seen this option on the linksys or netgear routers. Thoughts?

No firewall is running.

file and folder sharing IS on, but i suppose I should turn that part off.

I can wait a bit for you to respond before i call him up and say "im coming over again".

24-09-08, 19:18
^ OK. But it can take some time - musta think about this issue (not the only issue to think of pitily)...

24-09-08, 19:19
^ OK. But it can take some time - musta think about this issue (not the only issue to think of pitily)...

gotchers.. i can head over now then and just hijack the modem if need be to catch an update. this is the most mind boggling thing ive seen.

edit: problem solved.. on the wireless right now. for some reason or other, the computer just didnt want to cooperate without using the disc. whoda thunk? shouldnt need to be done like that IMO. but... it works and all the settings are just the same as the were before.