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24-09-08, 18:04

When I play TR I always miss msn 'bleeps'. How do I put tr2-tr3 in Windowed Mode?

Many Thanks


24-09-08, 18:10
If I recall correctly, it's either in the setup utility, or you have to hit F-Keys until something changes.

24-09-08, 18:42
lol.. hit random buttons . wow.

1. check startup configuration utility
2. check FAQ. there is probably an option you can pass to the executable to force windowed mode even if there is not any option elsewhere.

24-09-08, 18:53
Start > Programs > Core Design > Tomb Raider 2 > Setup > Gfx tab, tick Windowed mode and press OK button. Same for TR2 Gold.

For TR3/3Gold (shame on me, I can't remember the natural way of windowed mode) use:
DXWnd application (Download (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/DXWnd.zip) Freeware)


1) Launch dxwnd.exe.
2) Right click the application's window pane.
3) Select "Add".
4) Use the "..." button to browse for your fullscreened executable.
5) Select the DirectX version of your executable if it's known, if not, leave it set to "Automatic".
6) Select "DirectInput is hooked" and "Auto-Correct Mouse Position" options.
7) Click "OK".
8) Now that you have an entry for your executable, simply double click it or run the game/application itself. What's neat is as long as dxwnd is running, it will intercept the launching of the application itself, so it's not necessary to use dxwnd itself to launch your game/application.

24-09-08, 20:54
tr3/tr3g (what i tried it on) just crashes as soon as I run it after using the tool.


24-09-08, 21:05
I tried TR3 and it didn't work either.

25-09-08, 16:53

Hi does anybody know the problem with this?

25-09-08, 21:56
Create a shortcut to your desktop, then go to it's properties and in the 'location' box just after the quotation type -w or -windowed :D

Works for me on all my other games, but I don't know if it works on these because I don't have them on the laptop. :p

25-09-08, 23:35
^ that was the option i mentioned in me post above which should be passable to the executable.