View Full Version : Spore.. how to deleate you account.

24-09-08, 20:31
Hey . i just sold spore on ebay, still have the game installed but need to deleate it.. however the person i sold to syas that she cant log in online ,you can only make one spore account, however she said its fine otherwise. Is there a way of deleating your spore account so she can create one?? :o or change it so it doesnt have my password i use for everything else and my email.. when i deleate from my computer (which i am planning to do soon), would the online account be deleated?

24-09-08, 22:24
She should be able to create one, but if not then you can probably go on to the ea site and log onto your account then just change the password and email and whatever else you would like to change.