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24-09-08, 22:01
i just bought the game tomb raider legend for my computer its a windows xp but when i put it in the drive, the little cd symbol comes up near the cursor but then it goes away after a couple minutes and nothing else happens? i tried to open the game manually on "my computer" but it says theres no disc in the drive. any idea why it might be doing this?

24-09-08, 22:04
I'm pretty sure(from personal experiance) that this is for the technical part of the forum - http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15

24-09-08, 22:06
oh sorry this is my first time posting

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24-09-08, 22:12
Welcome. :wve:

I'll move thread to Tech Support for you.

24-09-08, 22:36
do all discs behave this way?

try cleaning the disc and place it back in the drive. TR:L is a DVD disc if i recall correctly, are you sure that your disc drive is a DVD drive?

24-09-08, 23:06
It looks like the disk can't be read. Support might be dirty or damaged. Verify the reader if it is in order as well.