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25-09-08, 22:13
Hello All,

Not that it's freakishly important, but the last time I turned my PS3 on the sound was horrible (it runs through my TV with an HDMI cable). The sound went between normal and mute at regular, short intervals. I retried with a component AV cable and everything was fine. I know it's not my TV, because I tested my gamecube also.

Are HDMI cables known to mess up like that?

Agent Dee
26-09-08, 03:42
i have never heard of the going bad before. did you try another HDMI cable or exchange the one you had? I got 2 cables at a store that sells close out items and i got them for like 12 bucks a cable. and the sound and picture i got on my 360 was good ditto my DVR box hooked to my LCD tv. I do not have a PS3 but my 360 has the HDMI port. try the cable replacement method ;).

26-09-08, 13:26
I've never heard the cable going bad like that, but I suppose it could be possible. Could be the hdmi port also. Was the video messed up also?

You can get hdmi cables cheap at amazon.


26-09-08, 14:45
Usually that happens because there isn't a flush connection between the male and female parts. Re-try it and wiggle it to fit or buy a new cable mate.

26-09-08, 15:50
Check for dust in the sockets as well: the connection may be getting interference.

26-09-08, 17:49
It sounds like that may just be a BAD cable.

I am a guitar player so I know a good amount of information about cables and wires.

Here is a standard guitar cable

Photo 1 (http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee180/Benguitar2/IMG_1536.jpg)

Photo 2 (http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee180/Benguitar2/IMG_1538.jpg)

Like most cables the weakest point (shown in photo 2) is near the end.

The small connectors can easily be broken (separated) by being stepped on, jerked out of the socket, forced into the socket or even twisted.

Unfortunately I don't believe you can open up and reconnect the to pieces in a HDMI cable (nor any other TV cable for that matter)

So basically you might want to try a new HDMI cable.

If you are still getting those problems it may be the input on your PS3 or TV maybe you have dust, dirt, or something in the input that is making it hard for a signal to pass.

Hope I could help.

27-09-08, 05:56
Thanks everyone, I'll try the methods posted. If not, I'd be fine with running 1080i from a component AV anyway :)

ben croft
27-09-08, 16:03
I think the problem is with the cables, not with your Play3. :tmb:


27-09-08, 21:41
Hi. I've had problems where the colour on the screen goes negative with a HDMI cable - That was because the PS3 was overheating. I don't know if this links in with your problem by any chance.