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25-09-08, 23:48
Hi :wve: I want to enable router security to keep pesky neighbors from stealing my connection (my wireless router connection has no security), and I was wondering if there was something I should do afterward.

I want to make sure my computer and game consoles will still work if I enable security, without having to make any changes, and also which security I should choose.

The router is a Netgear WPN824 Wireless-G router like this one:

And this is what my settings look like:
(the drop down box is open to show other connection modes)

Thanks :)

26-09-08, 01:02
Okay, with a Netgear wireless router, if you click on Wireless Settings on the left hand side, and scroll down to the bottom, there are the security settings.

Under Security Options, you need to select your security type - WPA, WEP etc. WPA (and its derivatives) are more secure, but not supported by all devices; I'll let you look them up yourself to make the decision.

Basically, you have to make a choice as to the type of security, and generate a passkey.

Most of the Netgear range will generate a passkey for you, based on a word you enter. However, this word is only of use if you are also using Netgear products for your wireless NIC etc.

Anyway, just basically fill in the blanks on that page, and then, using a copy of the passkey, simply use the Windows wizard on each PC to enter the necessary details.

I'm sorry this isn't more detailed, but I've only had like 3 hours sleep and its hard to concentrate; maybe after I get some more sleep I'll expand.

This might help:


26-09-08, 01:05
choose WEP for best compatibility across all systems. (WPA is more secure but less compatible)
use 128 bit encryption if possible
should be able to use wireless G only with your devices
you will need to enter the WEP encryption key on all devices that need access to the router
where possible, create your own key rather than using one created by the device itself. better chance of getting a unique key rather than a default key which can be more easily hacked

26-09-08, 18:35
Ok, thanks, but can you tell me if anything would change on either an Xbox 360 or a PS3 that would require me to change my settings?

26-09-08, 20:22
it shouldn't change in either location unless some person changes it. on that note... best to go ahead and see if there is an advanced setting on the router to disable wireless management of it. Therefore, in order to manage the settings on the router, it would have to be done via one of the machines that is connected to it with an ethernet cable...

this will ensure that no one can log into the router wirelessly (and unbeknownst to you) and change its settings.

its good practice to configure the router via a wired connection anyhow seeing as if you change certain settings on it.... you would immediately loose your wireless connection to it.

27-09-08, 00:05
Ok, thanks, but can you tell me if anything would change on either an Xbox 360 or a PS3 that would require me to change my settings?

I can't speak for a PS3, but for the 360 you would have to in into advanced and enter the WEP key