View Full Version : Help with my PS3!

27-09-08, 20:21
I have had my PS3 60GB for one year now with no problems until recently. Recently, my games started freezing and yesterday the disc drive didn't recognize that a disc was in. My downloaded games work fine, so I think the disc drive is broken. I have a warranty to get it replaced but I have one question:

Will I be able to keep my Playstation Store downloads? ( have Crash Bandicoot, Syphon Filter, Pixel Junk Momsters, and SuperstarDust HD) :confused:

28-09-08, 04:17
Probably. If the problem is not the hard-drive (I'd say a 50/50 chance from what I can deduce), you can ask the Sony representative to keep the hard-drive and install it into the new PS3 or whatever.

28-09-08, 07:47
I would recommend back-up your harddisk to an external harddrive and send it complete.. Maybe the problem IS the harddrive.

So back-up everything on the hard drive of your PS3 and send it back for control...

28-09-08, 15:59
Ok thanks. Hopefuly I can trade it in today.

28-09-08, 19:35
Your welcome...
Hope your PS3 will be ready before TRU is released....