View Full Version : More dinos!!!!

Tomb Complex
29-09-08, 08:10
I really loved Dino Crisis 2. But I think that was made by Capcom. Sulk. Why are there no more dino games???? Even TR2 had loads of dinos. Can't we send Lara back in time to the time of the dinos? (4004 B.C.) Dinos rock. Wanders off muttering about dinos. :tea:

Nenya awakens
29-09-08, 11:06
they should remake dino crisis for the ps3 i would love to see it in todays graphics it's one of my favourite game of all time!

29-09-08, 19:42
I loved Dino Crisis 1 & 2 so I'd be happy to see a new one!:D

I love dinos in games, the T-Rex in the PS3 Turok was amazing, I just wish it had more dinos in that game then solders!:( A next-gen Jurrasic Park Genesis would be great too.:D

29-09-08, 22:32
The Dino Crisis games are great :tmb: 3rd one i heard was awful..