View Full Version : Brothers in Arms PS3 - Beware!

29-09-08, 14:21
Just got the game and i have to say its bordering on unplayable.
1) The sensitivity goes to roughly 2 on a COD4 sensitivity scale - its woefully slow even at the top
2) No customisable controls, only 4 presets where the fire button is not R1 on any of them
3) Squads only 50% of the time go where you direct them
4) Checkpoints aren't as varied as the reviews make out, i spent 30 minutes doing one section about 20 minutes into the game (and i have been playing FPS for years so its not because i'm crap at it)
5) Graphics in what i played were nothing special
6) The garand rifle sometimes doesn't fire when you press R2 which meant i was shot quite a few times
7) As much as i like realistic games, this makes way too much over the dismemberment which is unrealistic and because of overall authenticity of the rest of the game seems pretty disgusting.

Overall i would HIGHLY SUGGEST renting before hand, i got it this morning and only got half the price i paid to trade it it so i'm out of pocket now, the game has some good ideas but the mechanics of the core gameplay (ie the fundamental shooting and squad control apects) are massively flawed and really ruin what should have been a good game.

Avoid people.

29-09-08, 14:55
Boo. Well, I didn't expect it to be much good anyway. All these WW2 shooters blend into one for me. I'm not desperately excited about COD5 either, to be honest. You can only shoot so many Nazis before tedium sets in.

29-09-08, 15:23
Agreed, one of the major cool points about COD4 was adding scopes and stuff onto guns, i can't see them doing that for a WW2 shooter really. Why go back is an odd idea.