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30-09-08, 23:09
Perfect world is a free MMORPG and it's free...it looks pretty good... decent story and all the rest

I'm downloading at the mo..taking forever and only 41%

I was just wondering if anyone else has played it and what are your thoughts on the game?

I'll update this once it's downloaded and I've played it for a bit

30-09-08, 23:51
I played it...

Well, it's like many free MMORPG : To get the best things, you pay in a virtual shop. Otherwise, it's the same thing : kill kill kill kill level up, dungeon, dungeon...

The graphics are nice, the musics is excellent, the map is vast. It's a good game. If you're a true MMO player, you'll love it. If you want to find innovation, you should find something else.

There was the house builder which I found really cool. You could build your own house and everything, but they removed it in the international version... Which is still in Beta so we don't know.

The character customisation is amazing and you can still modify your character even after creating it. So much option, it's one of the best side of the game.

Overall, it's a good MMORPG. A nice one, but not the best. I enjoy playing it, but not that much :)

01-10-08, 01:24
I'm playing it. Still takes some getting used to. I came from WoW. Its got a few sloppy things that need fixed. The absurd high jump bugs me.

Sir Croft
01-10-08, 01:38
I hated it. It got nothing that you haven't seen before, but that's just me.

01-10-08, 14:23
:oI recently downloaded and played it and it's really fun! Only one problem, how the heck do I quit to the main menu? are quit the game?