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01-10-08, 11:54
Interesting article about a new Wii possibly coming out in a few years


da tomb raider!
01-10-08, 12:03
I think I'll stick with Dreamcast...

01-10-08, 12:09
That's interesting. I feel bad for my friend because he bought a Wii today.


01-10-08, 12:56
Where's Mad Tony?

He's gonna tell us how gimmicky all this Wii business is. :rolleyes:


Legend of Lara
01-10-08, 12:58
And they haven't done this already because...?

KC Mraz
01-10-08, 13:01
I like the name Wii Tuu more (get it? Tuu, two =D)

01-10-08, 13:43
Still doesn't feature a dvd player eh? Are could this mean there will be one.

01-10-08, 14:57
They already missed the mark there, the way things are going for NintendHO they will always be behind the other consoles...

That's just my opinion mind you.

01-10-08, 16:39
This is a good thing :)

but won't it be more expensive so it might not have that casual appeal as the wii does.

01-10-08, 17:57
Yes:), I was going to open a new thread too, I also have another link: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/55023

There are rumors and leaks from the PS4:confused:: http://www.gamecyte.com/ps4-based-on-existing-cell-processor

01-10-08, 18:41
I like the name Wii Tuu more

Yeah, I like the name Wii Tuu too :tea:

Wii is great for people who are not interested in being serious gamers, I think.. At least it's the impression I've got, seeing my older brother with one (he would never buy an xbox or PS3).. I don't think most of the Wii gamers care about graphics since it's force is the gameplay :-O

01-10-08, 18:54

01-10-08, 19:02
Oh wow Current-gen gaming in HD, that doesn't surprise me, Rather stick with the PS3 instead. :rolleyes:

04-10-08, 19:01
is it just hd or proper current gen hardware?