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02-10-08, 18:10
Are you easily frustrated by today's video games? You might want to steer clear of recent crossplatform release Mega Man 9 (http://videogames.yahoo.com/gamemain?cid=1951885388), then, because this retro-styled platformer is hard enough to cut Chuck Norris.


But what's in it for game developers? Who would intentionally create a game that's so hard most players are bound to turn it off in frustration? The Wall Street Journal has at least part of the answer, in a Friday piece (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122238237801276797.html) that explores the motivations of the makers of some of the hardest games in recent years.
"It's not just difficulty for difficulty's sake," says Mega Man 9 producer Hironobu Take****a. "The thing I love about [difficult games] is there's a satisfaction," says Yuichi Sugisaki, producer of appallingly difficult DS shooter Bangai-O Spirits.
Are difficult games an incentive for you to excel, or do they just make you throw controllers at the wall?

02-10-08, 18:15
A hard game is much more pleasing to complete then somthing without challenges, unless its lacking storyline.


Im interested in what his name is now lol.

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02-10-08, 18:26
Games like Megaman where you always had to be pixel-perfect with every single jump, every single movement, or immediate death will result have never done it for me. NO THANKS. I think it's ridiculous at that point. I'll just move on to the next game.

02-10-08, 18:34
There has to be a balance. If it's too easy it's boring, if it's too hard it ends in smashed controllers and an empty wallet after buying the replacement.

02-10-08, 18:46
The grade of difficulty veryes from person to person. Some can only play a hard game, because they are experienced and "feel the game" a lot better, others play it safe till' they get used to it.
Personally I enjoy any kind of game, but I get more upset of the controllers than the game

02-10-08, 18:52
The balance needs to be perfect.

Difficulty - not like extremely difficult but a challenge, not something you can just breeze through.

Longevity - Bioshock was way too short, this is down to difficulty aswell. If its too easy your going to finish the game too soon.

If the story is good I take my time playing.

02-10-08, 19:18
I must admit I have been dissapointed in the past when parting cash on certain games. But not because they've been too hard, because they have been ridiculously easy. Even with the higher difficulty settings. Half Life 2 is an example of how to make a game visually great, but way too short... pity.

Legend of Lara
02-10-08, 19:19

Im interested in what his name is now lol.

I'm guessing Takeshiita. (extra 'i' added :p)

Games like Ninja Gaiden got the difficulty bit down while still making it fun, but games like Maximo are just a chore. They better not overdo it...

02-10-08, 20:35
Moving to gaming section ...

02-10-08, 23:24
I'm hoping this is a good thing, because modern games seem to be too damned easy lately.

But I hope they don't increase difficulty by just implementing stupid, frustrating things that **** everyone off.

An example of this is Force Unleashed; great game, love it, but it was too easy. However, what did absolutely annoy the daylights out of me is getting knocked off the edge, and you're dead! I hate that in any game!