View Full Version : Thorpey!! NOOOO!!

31-03-04, 07:20
If anyone has heard (aussies aside of course) about Thorpes disqualification perhaps they are as disgusted as I am. He is the greatest swimmer in the world, hands down, no challengers. How stupid have we got to be to NOT let him compete in his best race?? He has the top 9 fastest times in the 400 metres. No-one is even close to beating him!! Why should we prevent him from represting Australia at the Olympics? Hasnt he proven his right to be there, more then Hackett or that Greg Smith guy??

Let the damn boy swim!!

31-03-04, 07:52
What did he do?

31-03-04, 08:12
Draco, he made a false start and got disqualified :(

Yeah this race was his speciality! I can't believe the rules only let you have one false start. Normally you get 2 or 3.

31-03-04, 08:20
Yes his disqualification was really stupid. It was perfectly obvious from the video footage that he overbalanced. He was trying a new starting technique with his feet together instead of his normal start. I just wonder if it was payback because he did not want to use the new Speedo skin that this was done.

31-03-04, 09:22
For a minute there I thought one of our best batsmen had been sent home from the Windies