View Full Version : Your Wii Fitness age.

05-10-08, 22:30
Not Wii Fit (the new thing) but Wii Fitness from Wii Sports :)!

I am currently at 80! How bad is that?

TR freak
05-10-08, 22:55
My worst wii sports fitness age was 40 something. My best is 20. As for wii fit, my fitness age is 18 which is the same as my real age.

05-10-08, 22:57
I've been as high as 40. I usually get around my age which is 15/16/17. I haven't played the wii fit for months though.

06-10-08, 11:38
19 :) Spot on....never changes....kinda makes me wonder why I'm even bothering... lol