View Full Version : Where can I get TRPlayer?

06-10-08, 12:42
I don't know if I'm posting on the right section. Can somone give me a link to download TRPlayer

06-10-08, 19:41
Do you mean THIS (http://www.linux-speakup.org/trplayer.html) or THAT (http://trplayer.sourceforge.net/)?

06-10-08, 20:02
Do you mean THIS (http://www.linux-speakup.org/trplayer.html) or THAT (http://trplayer.sourceforge.net/)?

None of the both. I think the program name is other.

06-10-08, 21:13
what is it that the program does?

06-10-08, 21:23
Read this:

06-10-08, 21:31
Try PMing aussie500 (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/member.php?u=19434) and asking them about it?

06-10-08, 21:32
generally speaking to take a screenshot in game you would press the the "print screen" button on your keyboard, exit the game (or press window button to bring up the window task bar, or ALT-TAB if another application is open) then open up mspaint and press CTR+V (paste).

you now have a screen shot of your game.

no special application is needed for that.

edit... oops. i see now what you meant about TRPlayer. Perhaps it was a video that they captured a still shot of using that application that Esconder linked.

07-10-08, 05:14
Look for TrPlayer 0.1 by Popov on THAT (http://www.level-editor.com/) page :)

07-10-08, 16:08
Thanks EscondeR :)

19-10-08, 14:06
Hello everyone,

I accidentally discovered that project, TRPlayer, and it seems very good !! :) I went into evpopov website (actually, it seems to be closed, but I used the web archives website to get back the 2004's version of it) and it seems the source code of that project have been released sometime ago.
I'm currently looking forward to it, but can't find anything interesting. As I'm developing the same kind of project, but from scratch, I could perhaps help me to keep doing Tomb Raider Java.

Does anyone know or own the source code of this project ?

20-10-08, 00:49
evpopov site is closed but the download links still work. You can download the TRViewer sources from the links on the download page in web archive for instance.

20-10-08, 11:50
Hello sapper,

Thanks for your message. I'm not looking for "TRViewer" source code (I already found it on the web archives website, as you said), but I'm looking for "TRPlayer" source code. It doesn't seem to be saved into web archives website.

Anyone has it on his computer?

21-10-08, 11:15
Hi MikaelB.

How do you know TRPlayer source was released? I only found a post by popov saying the source was not written well enough for release.

PM SkateBoardKid on this forum or Larashome. He may have the source code. He had some communications with popov back when it was released. SK has written some programs for TR himself, so popov may have shared the code with him.

21-10-08, 17:51
Well, I was just speculing it would have been released somewhere, as TRViewer got its source code released. Anyway, this was just for personal purposes. :)