View Full Version : Waterfall - awful textures.

07-10-08, 01:08
for some reason when i put a waterfall in my level, it turns out fine. but when i added something to the project. the waterfall starts acting crazy with awful textures that hurt my eyes. how do i fix this? i have 3 of them btw in my wad

09-10-08, 03:53
need... help... now....

09-10-08, 05:37
Help is requested, not demanded. Don't you ever forget that. By saying: Help NOW does not mean you will get help. It might be that some people simply do not know the answer and just don't reply.

To try to help you out afterall. I had the similar problem in my level, except an animating object started to act weird with scrolling textures when I added a waterfal. It could be due to the limits you are almost hitting or already hitting. How many pages your WAD has and how many textures? Let's start with that.

09-10-08, 07:58
Do all 3 waterfalls act the same, or is it just WATERFALL1?
And what is the size of the texture for each waterfall?