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07-10-08, 04:27
Hi some of my games have been running a bit slow and I was told that I may be able to speed up my computer by defragmenting the disk. What i want to know is what does that mean and what does it do? I know where the disk defragmenter is but I want to know what it is before I use it.

07-10-08, 05:33
When OS writes data to your HDD it writes it whereever some free space is, so imagine:

1. You had 5 files of 1 Mb each on your hard drive written in a raw.

2. For some reason you decided to kill 2nd and 4th files of those. Now you have: 1Mb file - 1Mb blank space - 1Mb file - 1Mb blank space - 1Mb file.

3. You need to write a file of 4 Mb on your drive. OS estimates the space and writes in this way:
1Mb file (old one) - part of new file of 1Mb - 1Mb file (old one) - part of new file of 1Mb - 1Mb file (old one) - part of new file of 2Mb (4 Mb total).

Those parts are called fragments. They decrease reading speed, help your drive aging (generally), can cause errors when too many and some power faults happen.
To eliminate fragments defragmenter software reorganizes file system in the way all (ideally) files to contain only one part of the whole file length.

The best defragmenters so far are Diskeeper and Perfect Disk :)

07-10-08, 07:03
ah ok I think I get it. So it won't harm the files I have on my hard drive in anyway right?

07-10-08, 07:26
^ Exactly, just don't power off your PC during defragmentation process :)

07-10-08, 07:53
Ah ok then thanks so much.:):jmp: