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07-10-08, 06:03
my heatsink mount on my dell dimension 2350 (pentium 4 cpu socket 478) just broke causing on of the clips to pop off and the heasink to be displaced. causing a system shut down. I currently have the case open, sitting on its side, and the other clip is removed (to keep the thing flat). its running okay i guess, but i have no temperature monitoring devices on here for one.

for two, i need to replace that cheap plastic mount with something more sturdy.

id also like to know if there is a way to run a diagnostic test to see if something got botched on the board when the clip flew off (want to be sure something didnt short out).

07-10-08, 06:09
About diagnostics: You can run e.g. SiSoft Sandra, perform tests and look if any parameters flow off the supposed values.

To monitor temps use EVEREST (http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html).

Do you need any help with searching for a new heatsink? :wve:

07-10-08, 06:20
only temperature sensor i can find is for the Seagate HDD (which is at 39 degrees Celsius.

as for the heatsink, i can find one at tigerdirect for as low as $20, but i dont know if it will come with a mount, and if that mount will go on the dell motherboard. Im kinda loathe to replace with a dell part seeing as how cheap this one just turned out to be.

07-10-08, 07:33
^ Look in the settings, there must be more sensors. Or use Motherboard Monitor (http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=311).

You can post a photo of the socket if you want any help with finding a good heatsink with the mount compatible. :)

07-10-08, 14:12
motherboard monitor didnt have Dimension 2350 in the list of supported machines. It listed 2300 (but not Dimension 2300). So i chose that one. It reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit (which is way wrong since that is freezing temperature.)

08-10-08, 05:16
Look for chipset type, not for MoBo type.
I'll look for some more monitoring progs if you need :)

30-10-08, 05:28
Good news and bad news. Got a new heatsink finally,had to remove the mobo to install it. Everything is connected proper, i triple checked. No video appears when powered on. All fansand lights work, no error beeps. Tried onboard & pci, reset cmos w/jumpers...nada. Could i have screwed the mobo? I did notice somewhitish stuff near 1 of the thingies beside the cmos jumpers. I dont recall seeing itthere before. Ifthat is the problem, is it fixable? im on forum via cellphone. Took 1 hour to find this again. And 30 minutes to"type" all this. We need a wap friendly theme here. Serious replies in my pm please, so i can find easier.

30-10-08, 06:54
Check PM :)