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27-04-04, 13:24
LONDON - Fans used to seeing soccer star David Beckham in motion on the field can now study him at rest in bed.

An hour-long "video portrait" of Beckham asleep after training in Madrid, where he plays for Real Madrid, was to go on display Tuesday at the National Portrait Gallery.

The gallery, which houses portraits of famous Britons in every field, said Monday that the Beckham piece, titled "David," was "intriguing and intimate." It was shot in a single, long take and runs in a continuous loop on a plasma screen.

"It is very immediate and I think rather powerful," gallery director Sandy Nairne told Channel 4 TV.

Artist Sam Taylor-Wood said it was a challenge to make an original portrait of Beckham because people see his image so frequently.

"I wanted to create a direct, closely observed study," she said in a statement. "Filming while he was asleep produces a different view from the many familiar, public images."

Her piece focuses on the star's face as he lies on his side, his head resting on one hand while the other curls beneath his chin.

"I liked the idea that he was eternally asleep in the National Portrait Gallery, so he was kind of a Sleeping Beauty," Taylor-Wood told Channel 4.

Tabloid stories about Beckham's alleged affairs with two women have made headlines for several weeks. Beckham, who is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, has dismissed the allegations as "ludicrous." Yahoo.com

27-04-04, 13:28
Other article also from Yahoo.com:

Does David Beckham Dribble in His Sleep?
LONDON (Reuters) - England soccer captain David Beckham stirs in his sleep, turning occasionally to reveal a hint of tattoo or a glimpse of nipple -- the crowd gasps.

For these are the highlights of a 67-minute video of Real Madrid's golden boy doing nothing more energetic than taking a nap.

The 28-year-old style icon was captured on film by BritArt sensation Sam Taylor-Wood as he rested in a hotel after a training session.

She has named the work "David" in a nod to Michelangelo's sculptural depiction of male perfection. It was unveiled on Tuesday at London's National Portrait Gallery.

The film, made in January before Beckham was hit by claims he cheated on pop star wife Victoria with his former assistant Rebecca Loos, appears to show him naked, with only his head and torso visible. The viewer takes the vantage point of someone lying by his side.

"I believe he's having a siesta after one of his morning training sessions," said the gallery's Hazel Sutherland, who denied Beckham might have been pretending. "His mum came in yesterday and confirmed he's definitely sleeping. Who would know better than her?"

Reaction to a preview this week ranged from the favorable to the cheeky. "This is a David as physiologically perfect as Michelangelo's," wrote the Guardian's arts correspondent.

But the Daily Mirror couldn't resist a dig. "Whether Becks looks this good in bed, only his wife Victoria, or perhaps -- allegedly -- Rebecca Loos, can tell us," it said.