View Full Version : how do you connect the ipod nano 4g to the computer?

08-10-08, 20:39
It came with a USB cord, but it does not have things on the side to push in to make the prongs go in like the other cords. Did i get the wrong cord?

08-10-08, 20:45
I'm sorry, a what?? What happened to the radio? http://www.skyscrapercity.com/images/smilies/pepper.gif

08-10-08, 20:51
the thing you use to hook it up to the computer

08-10-08, 21:29
can you not just plug it straight in?

post a picture of what you are talking about please. include the ends of the cord in the picture, as well as the data connection slot on the ipod.

09-10-08, 20:04
this thread can be closed problem solved :)