View Full Version : lbp beta

08-10-08, 20:52
I got into the little big planet beta woooot :D
Anyone else here get in? Would be fun to play lbp with trf members.

08-10-08, 20:53
*seeths with rage*

I am so happy for you right now :D.

*runs away crying*


But have fun! You enjoying yourself with it?

08-10-08, 20:55
I am downloading it right now, unfortunately I have my first responder class tonight so I wont be able to play that much today, but I don't have school tomorrow so it's all good :D

Legend of Lara
08-10-08, 20:56
Yeeeeaaaah... *grind teeth* I hope you're having *sobs* fu-hu-HUUUUUUN!!! http://img2.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/sad/sad0002.gif :p