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12-10-08, 04:46
Okay... Maybe it's not the perfect place, but i don't were to ask that...

This morning, i've lauch my PC like every day. But...
The Blue Screen Of Death appeared When the Vista Logo should appear and ask me my password.
So I've tried to lauch it in safe mode.
It's freeze when it load "crcdisk.sys".
:hea: I don't have any new installed hardware. And no software.
(And I know see how i'm supposed to unistalled it, if not even able to boot Windows... :rolleyes:)

Please, some help ? :o

PS : Sorry for the very bad english, i've spent a horrible night and this just after... :(

12-10-08, 12:08
1. Do you have Vista Installation/Repair disc? If yes, boot from it, launch Recovery Console and type in command prompt "chkdisk /f you_hdd_letter:" w/o quotes.

2. If Windows successfully boots after the checkup, remember to disable Hibernation and Automatic Updates after (better update manually and choose necessary updates, not to screw HDD drivers e.g.).

3. If you have no Vista disc (???) you can use Linux Live distribution to use ntfsfix utility on your HDD.

BTW, do you have Daemon Tools installed?

12-10-08, 13:48
1. I have a disq, but when I boot with it, it's just allow me to Repair Vista or Install it.:confused:

Actually I don't have Deamon Tool.

12-10-08, 19:26
^ Try using Repair option first.