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13-10-08, 12:05
Hi guys. I'm considering getting a Netgear wired router so i can connect my PC and my PS3 to the internet at the same time.

Now if i have both devices conected and using the internet at the same time, will my internet speed drop or will both systems recieve the same amount of speed?

Bearing in mind i only have a 2mb connection, will the PS3 get 2mb, and the PC get 2mb or is the 2mb shared between both systems?

Thanks for any help :)

13-10-08, 12:22
Shared between both.

Keep in mind that the 2mb is whats coming down the modem, its not coming out of the modem.

So if one is taking up 1/2 the bandwidth, there is half left.

13-10-08, 12:27
Better say:

10-20% of bandwidth - service traffic (even with QoS service disabled).
40-45% PC
40-45% PS3


13-10-08, 12:56
^^ what he said, was too lazy to explain.

13-10-08, 13:26
ahh okay thanks, so in reality, the PS3 would get 1mb and the PC would get 1mb... Would it make a difference if i purchased a wireless router instead and connected the PS3 wirelessly and the PC through Ethernet? would the speed differ then?

13-10-08, 13:30
No matter what you have, the connection from your ISP is still 2mb, thats the maximum thats coming into the house regardless. They will all still have to share the one connection.

13-10-08, 14:06
Ahh right. See i thought that the router would split the connecion to allow both systems to recieve the same speed. I think it will be a wise idea to upgrade my internet connection before i get a router. Thanks for the help :hug:

13-10-08, 17:48
nope... and thats what makes me wonder why people want wireless N. Speed is limited to the minimum throughput of the entire link.

you have:


Internet wise, you will be running at the slowest of those speeds, 2mb. Local wise you will run at 10, 100, or 1000 mb whichever is the lowest common denominator between your devices. Which means the LAN speeds you see of 10/100/1000 have no impact on the internet speed. As a way to show you, I ran a speed test at www.speedtest.net so you could see what my internet speed is, even though I have 100 Mb connection between my PC and my modem.

http://www.speedtest.net/result/338270511.png (http://www.speedtest.net)

its read in kb, but 1000 kb is equal to 1 mb.