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31-03-04, 15:48
A piece taken from an article I just read ppl: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Microsoft today sent shockwaves across the games industry, showing the first ever real-time demos of the next-gen software tools which will power Xbox 2.
The demos, which formed the epicentre of Microsoft's earth shaking XNA-announcing conference call, were presented by Mr Xbox himself J Allard, ably assisted by Lara Fry of the Xbox ATG and Chris Donohue from the Windows division.

While running on a souped-up Windows PC, the demonstrations were specifically geared towards highlighting what gamers can expect from the next generation of console hardware - i.e. Xbox 2.

Demo one was created by High Voltage Software and, entitled "Xenomorph" showed a creature moving through an empty landscape, mutating at intervals into entirely different entities.

The creature is controlled in real-time via Controller S (part of Microsoft's new initiative to standardise controllers across Xbox and Windows platforms) switching from furry yeti, to six-legged insect, to four-legged abomination, to an equally random, undeniably cute, armadillo.

While the detail is superb, it's tough to ascertain how impressive the demo is in real terms, since it takes place in an empty environment with no collision.

The second demo, called "Film Noir", offers a strikingly different showcase of technology. A young, seductively attired female sits at a table in a cafe, tantalisingly tracing her finger across the table as a cigarrette burns idly in a nearby ashtray.

The scene is entirely in black and white except for the bright scarlet of the girl's fingernails and lips. Donahue zooms around with the camera to show of the amazingly realistic facial animations.

The camera then swoops saucily down her bare legs, resting its salacious gaze on her high-heel clad feet, described by Fryer as: "The best real-time feet ever". Although with the fearsome power of XNA software tools, we'd prefer to see amazing bump-mapped athlete's foot, with skin rotting between manky toes - that's the future of home entertainment.

All nice enough, we admit, but Microsoft saved the best till last with the astonishing "Crash".

Created by David Woo of Pseudo Interactive, attendees were first treateed to officially the shiniest car we've ever seen, a Saleen, sat in a virtual garage. The camera twists and turns, headlights flash, and actual, proper real-time reflections cause a minor stir amongst the crowd. Down boys.

Fiddling with on-screen settings, the car is launched full-tilt down a narrow corridor. Yeah, yeah, very fast, still shiny, whatever...

But just when our trusty cynic-o-matic is about to fire into action, the money shot: the car slams into a wall, smashing in the most astonishingly realistic manner we've ever witnessed aside from the real thing. Honest to goodness: "Wow!"

And to underline the point, the clip is rewound and played back in slow motion, with the camera zooming around in real-time offering myriad vantage points. Hundreds of shards of metal and glass spray out from the area of impact; bodywork crumples, concertina-like, as the car deforms, contorts and pirouettes out of control.

For the first time in the whole presentation, the entire audience bursts into whooping and cheering - this is a magical moment, this is why we've travelled thousands of miles - this is, make no mistake, the future of gaming.

I'm hunting for more info and pictures as it happens guys.

31-03-04, 15:53
Kewl,,, these demo's can be found here for downloading!

demo's downloads (http://www.microsoft.com/xna/) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

31-03-04, 16:48
Getting excited about it I see. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

31-03-04, 16:51
Are they sure it wasn't FMV?

31-03-04, 16:53
Also have they mentioned anything about it being backwards compat with xbox?

31-03-04, 21:45
Originally posted by Deano:
Getting excited about it I see. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif hmmm, not now i've watched them deans,,, if that's all they can come up with for the next gen consoles then I wont be buying it, they'll need to impress me more than that,,, i'm still awaiting the spec's of the system.

Yup LC, its definately real-time. I've currently got 3 real-time demo's way better than them on my Radeon 9800XT tho, not as impressive as I was hoping to see. Not heard anythin about backwards compatibility... but I have heard that the new X-box's XNA catalyst will be compatible with windows, and they're already issuing this XNA source code to game developers. I think they're trying to get on the side of the developers again by making the tools easier for them to work with.

Could be interesting, but those early demo's are pretty avg imo. High poly for sure, but not many fx in there, HL2's demo was much better technically and even visually in some area's. I'm not trusting the hype just yet. And anyhow, its not the console that makes a great game, it's the way the games companies cope with the engine,,, and even then they've still gotta code it right... something which has'nt been fully grasped with the current consoles yet, let alone next gen machines.
I'll shall be watching closely tho ;)