View Full Version : How bad can system restore go wrong?

Feather Duster
14-10-08, 05:55
I've heard of things where the restore wiped out something necessary to run the computer. What else could go wrong?

Sorry if it's a dumb question.

14-10-08, 06:10
the computer could freeze up during the restore process and leave you with a broken registry. that would leave some things inoperable indeed.

14-10-08, 06:13
System Restore will never remove any vital system components, nor personal data... unless you are storing some in system/programs folders.
You can also edit System Restore Exclusions list... Not recommended if you don't know what to do exactly.

@ SJ: :wve: Actually never had this. The Restore process can take much time - depending on how old the restore point is (many changes). Better wait till reboot anyway.
The working state of PC can be restored even after SR error - use "Last good configuration" option from boot menu.

14-10-08, 07:05
it happened to me actually, but the lockup during system restore ended up being a good thing since it fixed only the problem i wanted and left the rest of the stuff intact :jmp:

14-10-08, 07:13
^ Kinda divine forsight :p :D