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14-10-08, 14:37
Hey all, I thought I would start a Thread about the glitchy sounds I seem to be getting.
It seems to have happened since I unlocked all Achievements.
The main sound I seem to have in the background is like a clicking sound, and it pretty much happens on every level.
Is anyone else having this problem? It really ruins the ambiance, as It sounds like there is a Dolphin spectator lol.
Please let me know!

14-10-08, 16:10
a vid with sound to hint us on what that might be ;)

14-10-08, 17:45
This might be a longshot but you can try this: Click "start", "Run..." and type "dxdiag" without harekicks in the white box and then hit enter.
Go to sound tab and change the "hardware sound acceleration level" slider. If it's at maximum in the beginning then try to lower it a bit. Then shut down dxdiag and start the game. If this helps it might be worth taking a look at newer drivers for your soundcard.
It's not good reducing the hardware setting for this slider because it may result in a slower computer (cpu has to do job that the soundcard originally does). It doesn't hurt your computer in any way though. To restore the sound hardware setting then simply open up dxdiag again and move up the slider.

14-10-08, 18:46
Thanks for the help guys, but it's actually on the 360, not Pc, so I'm confused lol

15-10-08, 11:36
Lol. Yeah. That's really strange. But i guess everything can happen when miscorsoft is involved.

15-10-08, 16:03
omg yeah my version did this ( before it died:hea::hea::hea::hea::hea:)
inever found a way to solve it but yeha im with you pal
its so wierd, and i ahd watched the grudge the night before, althoguh the sound is slower than that it was still scary!
sorry cznt help you out
i tried starting anew an stuff but nothing happened:confused::confused::confused:

16-10-08, 19:38
Thanks everyone for you're help, If I start a new game with another GamerTag it's all okay. So I guess it's just the Achievements doing it.
Not to worry ^^

TRUles I know how you mean with the Grudge, it does kinda sound like that, which isn't good, as that noise just gets to me and makes me freak out!